MyLiteLed is a young company that was established in 2009 on the idea of its founder Piero Dal Cavaliere.

We are a group of experts on products for LED lighting.
Among us are people who have been producing signs all their life, some who have been doing it for many years, and others who have never done it but have learned to recognise LEDs, their characteristics and their applications.

We are very different from each other and it is precisely this that helps us, all of us together, find the best products for satisfying our clients.
In our small reality some talk and others write, some ask questions and others answer them, some purchase and others sell, some package and send, some think and others travel, some stay on the telephone and others do calculations, some propose and others decide.

No matter what each of us does, it is important because it is something that is useful for every one of our clients.