The LED world is developing daily, offering construction possibilities and fresh designs.

We select the LEDs with the best quality-price ratio from the international market, then we study and test them.

We recommend the most suitable LEDs for the illumination projects of those who turn to us, we offer high performance LEDs that are tested in thousands of applications, and a distribution service based on the immediate availability of products and on specialist consultancy before and after the sale.

Thanks to thirty years of experience in the illuminated communication field, we know that each project requires LEDs with luminosity characteristics, duration and reliability that are different, and that the costs and benefits of each application must be suitably evaluated.

In 2012 we collaborated with the Industrial Systems Technique and Management Department, a branch of the Engineering Faculty of Padua University, on a study entitled “The development of a protocol for electric and optic characterisation tests of high efficiency LED modules”.  This study led to the production of an instrument for identifying LED characteristics.  Thanks to this protocol we were able to compare the performances of different types of LED module, in order to define the quality and applications they were best suited for.

Our structure, which is specialised and not bound to the interests of the single brands, is a precious partner for retailers, installers, those in the sign business, architects, light designers, and interior designers who are looking for the ideal product to create their idea of light.

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